QPD was founded in 2007 which reformed as Forces Prep. The staff push the boundaries to give our students the best help and guidance possible, to get them into the armed forces. 

The New Year is Underway!

The new year is underway and we can’t wait to get stuck in!  

There are many positive changes this year that we are extremely excited about. We have recently moved to a bigger and better centre in Doncaster to fit in with our growth in the past year. We are now located at the Doncaster Deaf Trust centre. 

We hope that you are all as excited as we are for the new year, we have many exciting trips and activities ahead.

Good luck everybody!  

End of Year Mud Run!

A mix of our Doncaster, Hull & Work Experience students took part in one of our Mud Runs in Brough Last Friday.

As we look to settle down for the end of the year, we thought we would go out with a bang and take the students down for one of our famous Mud Runs.

The session was delivered by the ruthless Staff Fraser, and it's safe to say he didn't let anybody get off easy.

It was a test of determination, Fitness and Team Work.

The run involved lots of ducking, diving, plunging, sprinting & panting for breath. Some Activities saw students holding their breath and submerging themselves under the muddy water and going through everyone's legs. as well as this, the students got put through their paces and made to complete various strength building exercises as well as cardio.

Upon finishing the activity, there were lots of exhausted-looking students but they all had a smile on their faces and loved every minute of it!

We're glad that we get the opportunity to take the students on fun exercises like this, and we love seeing the happiness and proud look on their faces after completing the session.

We can't wait for the next one!

Round up the Troops // Bradley Hunt


Name: Bradley Hunt
Age: 16
Where you’re from: Hull
When you signed up to Forces Prep MPC: 04.09.15
What role you’d like in the armed forces: Vehicle Mechanic or Recovery Mechanic

When I first signed up to become Forces Prep I was struggling to find an apprenticeship in civvie street, I knew I’d like to join the forces but wasn’t sure about heading straight in. Forces Prep has helped me get fitter and gain more confidence, you even get taught how to march and stand on parade! Being here isn’t like a normal college, for starters we’re in a barracks and on a daily basis we’re completing our qualifications yet still taking part in sporting activities and team tasks. 

The best bit is doing the physical and team tasks with my friends, knowing they’ve got my back and we keep pushing each other to be the best we can be! From September to now, I’ve built up my teamwork and leadership skills, Forces Prep is one of the best armed forces preparation colleges I’ve heard of! 

Forces Prep in three words? Fun, informative and supportive!

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Armani's Path to Success


Name: Armani White
Age: 18
Barracks: Wenlock Barracks, Hull
When you signed up to our MPC: 04.09.2015
Joined: British Army, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer, 2016

“Forces Prep gave me the opportunity to develop my mental and physical skills before joining up, I was able to increase my fitness, map reading and armed forces knowledge; being a part of the Entry to Uniformed Services course was brilliant, all the staff have helped me to achieve my career in the British Army. 

I’d recommend Forces Prep to anybody who wants to join the armed forces or even develop their skills!”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to kickstart your career, why wait? Start your military journey today... 

Haydn’s Path to the British Army Engineers


Name: Haydn Crawley
Age: 16
Barracks you was based at: Scarborough Barracks, Doncaster
When you signed up to Forces Prep: 04.08.15
The role you’ve gone into: British Army Engineer

My time at Forces Prep has been very helpful; it’s played a major part in my journey to joining the British Army. Both Doncaster and Hull staff have been a massive help, not only have they guided me to develop my fitness, but also my mental strength and confidence. 

I’d definitely recommend Forces Prep to anybody interested in joining the forces in the future. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become #ForcesPrepped sign up today!

New Employability Course Available!


Military career not for you? Want an alternative to sixth form? Aged 16 - 18? Live in Hull, Grimsby or Doncaster? Then our NEW part time employability course is perfect for you!

The 3 day a week course begins Monday 7th March and run for 4 weeks with the potential to earn up to £40 per week, depending on household income; travel expenses covered.

Whilst building new friendships and increasing your chances of employment in the future, you’ll gain an official City and Guilds qualification, learn how to write the perfect a CV, develop key interview techniques and educate yourself on different career opportunities. All qualities that employers look for!

Interested? Register your interest here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Round up the Troops // Jade Baynes


Name: Jade Baynes
Age: 16
Where you’re from: Hull
When you signed up to Forces Prep: 04.08.15
What role you’d like in the armed forces: Weapons Technician - Navy

Signing up to Forces Prep has helped me to prepare myself for the Navy. It’s given me the knowledge I need for my job role, and even myself! I’ve been able to push myself beyond limits with the activities we do each day, from drills, to team tasks, to physical activities. I’ve even enjoyed learning about the armed forces, it’s not your typical sitting behind a desk all day like college, it’s actually fun! 

From August to now, I’ve gained my NCFE Level 1 Diploma in Uniformed Services, completed my First Aid training, and I’m pretty confident with my map reading and drill. Even though the whole course is fun, the one thing I enjoy the most is being around people who want to do the same as me, they encourage me when it’s getting tough. Really motivating me to push further and achieve my goal of being a Navy, Weapons Technician. 

Forces Prep in three words? Challenging, fun and adventurous!


Open Day Intel


We are running three open days across Hull, Grimsby and Doncaster, and we want YOU to join us!

Unlike other open days where you’ll collect leaflets and booklets, here we’re wanting you to step into the boots of a Forces Prep student with our action packed taster day! You’ll be taking part in activities and some brief lessons. It’s an open day like no other, and is it something you really want to miss out on? If you’re eager to join the forces but looking for advice and guidance beforehand, we’re the team to help you. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Time: 9:00 - 15:00 

Activities / Lessons: Weapons training, PT sessions, practising drill, field craft and similar military exercises. 

Clothing: Arrive in casual clothing, however, bring along kit you can train and complete exercises in, something you do not mind getting dirty and suitable footwear for the training exercises. 

Misc: If you are attending the Hull open day, you do not need to worry about bringing lunch. Those attending the Doncaster and Grimsby open day, will need to bring along a packed lunch. 

If you have any question give us a call on 01482 225655 or message us on Facebook

What are you waiting for? Sign up to an open day NOW

Are you ready to get Forces Prepped

Set on joining the armed forces, but you’re not sure where to start? Then Forces Prep is for you! We’ll get you ready for the interview and selection process, alongside getting you qualified.

We’re a team of ex-armed forces, who started Forces Prep in 2007. You’ll find our centres across Hull, Grimsby and Doncaster; but we accept applicants from a greater region than just Yorkshire! By joining Forces Prep, you’ll be making new friends who have a similar mindset as you. They’re wanting to join the forces and training to become as ready as they’ll ever be for their selection process into either, the Army, Navy or RAF. You’re in this together, you’re a part of a community that rally round for each other.

Not only are you alongside friends who are wanting to join either the Army, Navy or RAF but trained and guided by tutors who are experienced ex-armed forces. You’ll receive expert advice from tutors who have been there and done it, now they’re passing their knowledge down to you!

So the real question is, are you ready to get Forces Prepped?

Learn more about the course here.