QPD was founded in 2007 which reformed as Forces Prep. The staff push the boundaries to give our students the best help and guidance possible, to get them into the armed forces. 

 Battle pt

Battle PT is ingrained into military training and is a massive learning curve for the new recruits. You need to be able to work as a team to get all of the equipment around the course. We like to start early with this so that students can get a feel of what’s to come and won’t be shocked when they start their career in the Forces.

Case Study: The para’s

Aaron was with us for quite sometime and had a little trouble getting a place in the Army first time around. We were able to turn his luck around and he gained a place in the very prestigious Parachute Regiment. We’re thrilled to see another one of our students getting a place in their chosen path.

Royal MArine Cammando’s Visit

We try to put on as many visits as possible to give the students a wide range of options when choosing their career path. The visit to the marines for the day was a great opportunity to showcase some of the exciting activities that the marines get up to on a daily basis. We got the chance to go on some boats, climb down walls and also had a great presentation on why you should choose the Royal Marine Commando’s


Fieldcraft is one more key activity in the armed forces. It’s something that during your career you will rely massively on. Whether It’s building a basher, cooking food in the woods or playing some fun games while camouflaged up, fieldcraft is a great day out that all the students love!

CHALLENGE yourself

It’s always a good idea to push the boundaries and try and get the most out of your training. We try and push our students in order for them to obtain their dream career in the forces. We often take the students out and put them through challenging activities in order to build character, this way everything thrown at them in the military will seem like a nice walk in the park!