QPD was founded in 2007 which reformed as Forces Prep. The staff push the boundaries to give our students the best help and guidance possible, to get them into the armed forces. 




What time does college start and finish? 
Monday 9AM -­ 3PM
Tuesday 9AM -­ 3PM
Wednesday 9AM -­ 3PM
Thursday 9AM ­- 3PM
Friday 9AM ­- 12:30PM


How long is the course?
The course can run for a variety of time periods. Usually from 4 weeks to 2 years, however this depends on the student. 


Will I have to study Maths and English?
Each student will do an initial assessment on their start date. If the student already has a GCSE grade of C or above they will not need to take any exams with QPD, but will attend the lessons to keep refreshed. If the student doesn’t have GCSE’s they will take part in functional skills lessons and test at the level they come out at on their initial assessments.


Does the college go on trips?
Yes the college has different kind of trips which include museum visits, forces visits and an army look at life residential. 


Do the students play any sport?
Yes sports is put into the student's programme.


Do I get paid my travel paid for?
All students are entitled to travel payments ­ this will be £10 per week depending on where you live. 


Will I receive a bursary? 
This varies on the household income of the learner. They will; If the learner is in care, or a care leaver, or on disability benefits, or lives in a household with an income of £21,000 or less. However, the bursary amount varies for each learner.


Do students get holidays?
All students get the school holidays off. We ask that students do not take holidays during term time. 


Do you provide free meals? 
Yes, however this depends on the household income of the learner. 


Do you have a canteen? If so, what food does it sell?
Yes. QPD serves both hot and cold food such as burgers, chips, pasta, wraps, sandwiches and much more. 


Can students leave site throughout the day?
Students will be required to stay in the barracks for break times, and are not allowed to leave the site unless authorised by a staff member. If the students have appointments they will be allowed to leave, however, staff need to be aware of this; students will need to provide written information of their appointment. 


What do students do if they are sick or going to be late for college?
If students are not able to attend college due to a sickness or for
ny other kind of reason, they must inform the reception staff by calling the barracks they are studying at. This is the same strategy to use if students are going to be late into college. 


Do students get kit provided?
The kit students are issued with is £20. This includes 2 x t­shirts, shirt, trousers and a belt. Students are
required to purchase their own boots.