QPD was founded in 2007 which reformed as Forces Prep. The staff push the boundaries to give our students the best help and guidance possible, to get them into the armed forces. 

frequently asked questions


THE MPC COURSE (Military Preparation course)

How does the MPC help my child?
our MPC is the best possible way to prepare your child for their basic training in the military. it gives them an advantage over every body else! our MPC can give the student up to a 40% better chance of making it through training! 


Are the Armed Forces recruiting? 
Yes each service usually recruits 10% of its workforce each year. There are hundreds of jobs available! On our MPC, we go through all of the jobs possible to find the ideal job for your child!


How long will it take my son/daughter to get
into the Armed Forces with the MPC? 

Every application is unique and the selection process is intense, but there is no better place that has the success rate at QPD's MPC. We help each individual to get into the services as quickly as possible. Depending on the job choice, it can be as quick as 6 months but we have had people that have taken up to 2 years. 


My son/daughter deferred ­can you help?
Each case is unique but QPD can help the process and provide evidence of suitability that has helped many students successfully join the services. 


My son/daughter failed the entry tests, can you help?
Yes ­with our dedicated maths and english tutor. She has a proven track record of learners passing resits of the psychometric test.


Will I still get my child benefits? 
Yes, this is a full time education MPC and classed as a 6th form college. 


What evidence does the learner need for the bursary?
Any proof of income that the family are getting coming into their household ­e.g. tax credit letters, wage slips, care leaver letter, in care letter etc. 


How much will my son/daughter be paid? 
This depends on the household income of the individual; this needs to be £25,000/annum or below.


Can learners re­sit their GCSEs?
Yes if they have gained a grade D or below, we will encourage them to resit the exam and improve their grades.